Data Security and Your Dental Practice | Dental office IT solutions
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Data Security and Your Dental Practice

Dental Office IT solutions

Data Security and Your Dental Practice

Dental practices are at a higher risk of cyberattacks. Especially independent dental IT practices as
they lack strong IT support to be updated with the latest cybersecurity practices. Besides data
breaches, you’ll also be responsible for penalties if any HIPPA violation occurs. Dental Office IT
solutions can help to keep your practice safe.

Let us see some Dental office IT solutions to improve the data security of your dental practice:

Cyber attackers can attack your practice. It is required to be vigilant and stay secure. It is advisable
to follow the security policies strictly in your dental practice.

Conduct A Risk Assessment

As per HIPAA, every dental practice must conduct a risk assessment. It helps to identify the
weakness in policies, procedures, your dental practice management software, and the technology
your practice is using. A risk assessment helps to understand your system’s security system and also
the weakness. So that you can focus on strengthening those areas and stay HIPAA compliant. Tech
Evolutions provide dental office IT solutions for your practice. We can conduct a risk assessment
for your practice so that your practice remains secure and HIPAA compliant.

Implement Cloud System

Most dental practices do not have proper IT resources to stay up-to-date with the latest
cybersecurity protocols. The sensitive data become more vulnerable to malware and ransomware
attacks. The best way to secure your sensitive information is to move to the cloud system. Tech
Evolutions, our experts formulate solutions to keep your data safe in the cloud.

Use encryption to protect your data

During the storage or transit, all the sensitive data should be encrypted. Also, emails can be hacked
easily. Tech Evolutions provides email security solutions and also advanced solutions to keep your
sensitive data encrypted.

Provide Employee training

Negligence is the reason for many breaches. Clicking on suspicious attachments and malicious links
can infect your entire system. It is best to implement a comprehensive IT policy for your dental
practice and train your staff to strictly adhere to the latest cybersecurity measures. It helps to avoid
human errors that could result in data breaches.

Maintain a backup process

Maintain a daily backup process for your dental practice. Make sure the backup can be restored
when required. And also make that is backup is tracked, secured, and readily accessible even after a
disaster. We can provide you the data backup and recovery systems for your dental practice.

Protect your systems and network

Malicious activity can affect your system. Attacks from outside can be protected by installing a
firewall. As a dental IT service provider understands how an implemented network can play a vital
role in the success of your practice.

Dental IT office Solutions for your practice

Tech Evolutions provides the most dedicated dental IT service for your practice. Our technical
support team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week by phone and email. For more details contact us.

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