Dental IT companies help to keep your data safe in the cloud
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How to improve data security in your dental practice?

Dental IT Companies

How to improve data security in your dental practice?

There is a significant increase in the number of data breaches with the increase in the amount of data generated from humans and computers. In the health care sector, solid data security is important to protect the client data. This holds for dental practices also. If your practice neglects to keep cybersecurity, your practice will be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Dental IT companies can ensure and maintain the security of your practice.

Dental IT companies help to keep your data safe in the Cloud

Dental practices are moving to the cloud as it is safer and secure than the traditional data center-based physical infrastructure. Cloud services have the greater advantage of data availability, significant cost savings, and data redundancy. Data redundancy ensures your data is backed up and helps to prevent data loss. Cloud services can also help to avoid the failure of servers.

The reports show most of the practices have moved to cloud services. It also allows you to access your practice from anywhere and anytime no matter where you are. All you need is the internet.
Choosing the right cloud services matters as it is important to ensure the services you choose should support data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Dental IT Companies provide the right cloud services for your practice.

Key factors to consider about data security in cloud services

Preserve data integrity in cloud

A critical component in cloud data security is data integrity. Ensure that the data remain as it is when uploaded, prevent unauthorized modification and deletion. The risk for data integrity

  • Human errors
  • Insider threats
  • Malicious intruders
  • Compromised hardware
  • Transfer errors
  • Configuration errors

Some practices that help to ensure data integrity in cloud storage include:

  • Implement a strict data access control before migrating to the cloud
  • Regularly Monitor user activity
  • Monitor failed access attempts
  • Monitor modifications to files
  • Monitor unusual attempts to gain access

Ensure data confidentiality in the cloud

For maintaining trust and meeting compliance requirements it is crucial to ensure data confidentiality. Unauthorized access to sensitive data is the biggest threat to data confidentiality.
For dealing with this risk two approaches can be used:

  • Discover and categorize your data: Set priorities for data and apply different security controls. And also ensure sensitive data stored in a protected location and is accessible only by authorized users.
  • Use Data masking: Hide the sensitive data with a character or other data. The most common data masking used is encryption. Encryption makes it impossible for an unauthorized user to view or understand the data.

Ensure data availability in the cloud

One of the biggest advantages of cloud services is that the data is accessible from anywhere, anytime and all you need is an internet connection. Cloud services avoid failures of servers. Additionally, data redundancy allows data backup and helps to prevent data loss. Data are critically important for compliance and also are valuable information for your practice in the future. Take your practice to the cloud and keep your data safe. Tech Evolutions can formulate
solutions to keep your data safe in the cloud. Give us a call for details.

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