Why dental office needs dental IT consultants? | Dental IT service providers
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Why dental office needs dental IT consultants?


Why dental office needs dental IT consultants?

Tech evolutions, we are one of the most trusted dental IT service providers. We help your dental practice to keep up with the demands of modern technology, and changing customer habits. Many dental practices have been left behind in IT by the limitations of their in-house technology expertise and tight budget. New technologies are more efficient, help to streamline internal processes, and improved cost control. Tech evolutions will help you to get access to these new technologies, and you can enjoy a host of benefits.

HIPAA Compliance Management.

Dental practices must strictly adhere to legal requirements specifically HIPAA. If your practice is found to be non-compliant during an audit by the regulatory bodies, you will be charged a penalty. It can also affect the reputation of your practice. Tech evolutions can conduct an audit on your behalf and implement effective strategies to ensure
your practice’s compliance. So that you can concentrate on your patient, while we take care of your IT needs.

Help desk support

Many dental practices do not have a dedicated IT department within their practice. For the average dental office in-house IT department can be too expensive. When an unexpected technology downtime occurs, you can’t be waiting for support, as it can compromise patient care.
Tech Evolutions, we are bound by our service level agreements to respond to problems before a specified deadline. We can also help your dental practice make the move to the cloud and adopt a proactive support model where downtime is kept at a minimum time. We have a dedicated technical support team available by phone and E-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide dedicated IT service support.

Data backup and recovery

Data is your practice’s valuable assets. It is very important for your compliance purpose and also valuable information for your future. You should have control over your data. Data breaches are a great concern for healthcare providers. Dental practices are top targets for ransomware attacks. Hardware failures, natural disasters can also increase the risk of data loss. You need to have a manager disaster recovery program to keep your data safe. Tech Evolutions will provide the right solution to keep your data safe in the cloud.

Round-the-clock monitoring

Healthcare providers are under greater risk of cyber-attack. Dental practices are top targets for cybercriminals. You can expect an attack anytime. That’s why your practice needs information security and privacy strategy that works around the clock to keep data safe. We can provide round the clock monitoring service, monitoring all traffic leaving and entering your network in real-time to prevent a cyber-attack.

Reduced costs

Budget is a constraint for the dental practices to keep an in- house IT department. Now things are changing. IT technician or costly in-house IT department was the only option before, but now the IT service provider will take care of your IT needs. You will be charged only for the services you need. You can make the best use of services and make budgeting a whole easier.
Call us now and explore how dental IT service providers can take your practice to the next level.

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