Why Email Encryption is so important for Dental Practices | IT Support
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Why Email Encryption is so important for Dental Practices

IT support for dental practices

Why Email Encryption is so important for Dental Practices

As a healthcare provider, you have legal and ethical responsibilities on the patient’s data and medical records. This also includes the communications between your dental practice and patients. Every dental practice must strictly adhere to HIPAA compliance and HIPAA has a very strict rule concerning the protection and sharing of patient health information. This rule strictly says that every communication and sharing of patient records must be secure whether delivering hard copies using courier services or using secure email services. The growth of technology has paved the way for us to easily share information and access data. If security rules are not followed it results in data breaches. A Dental IT company can provide IT support for dental practices.

Medical providers who maintain privacy and comply with applicable laws, need to understand their responsibilities when it comes to HIPAA compliant email as wells as the benefit of using email encryption software. Dental IT service providers can help you in providing IT support for dental practices

Why email encryption is important?

Here are few things why every dental practice should know about secure mail:

Protect Patient Privacy

It is the responsibility of your dental practice to protect patient information. The rules and regulations are very strict regarding data protection in the health care industry. And also all data breaches must be reported. Every communication from your practice must be secure. Your email service must meet the requirements of HIPAA encryption standards. Complying with HIPAA regulations avoids hefty fines for data breaches and also using email encryption software can make your patient feel secure and increasing satisfaction. Whereas a data breach can ruin the reputation of your practice. Email encryption helps you to build trust.

Reduce security risk and increase productivity

Dental practices have become more efficient and secure with the advent of digital storage. There are more benefits of using digital files. The digital medium has increased efficiency and also provides security through automatic backup and secure network storage. It is also easy to access and copy files. For added security, email files should be encrypted. Once you understand the importance of secure mail you will recognize how significant email encryption is.

Lower Cost

Do you think upgrading to encrypted email providers for your dental practice will be more expensive? You are not alone! However, you are wrong. Electronic record reduces the cost for materials, services, and labor. Instead, you replace your dental office with cloud-hosted services, encryption software, and other services. And the truth is that you are reducing the cost.

Upgrading your practice to secure email is the right move, both for your practice and your patients. It increases the security, efficiency, and convenience of your dental practice. This makes it easier to comply with all applicable privacy laws and keeps your patients satisfied.

IT support for dental practice

Tech Evolutions we are the most trusted and dedicated dental IT Company. We provide reliable dental IT support for your practice. We provide dental IT support with a multilayered approach, including all measures that you need to ensure HIPAA compliance. Call us today for more details.

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