Steps Suggesting by Dental IT Company for Better Dental Practice
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Steps That Should Be Taken By Dentist To Protect Practices.

Dental IT Services

Steps That Should Be Taken By Dentist To Protect Practices.


    A dentist should be very careful to prevent unauthorized use of practices. They should always take preventive measures to prevent a cyber-attack. The ransomware attack is a big threat to dentistry. This may lead to the document was stolen and sometimes may lead to making the data inaccessible to the dentist. Collaboration with a better Dental IT Company always provides better Dental IT Services.

Colorado department of transport faced Ransomware attack, caused 2000 computers to shut down. Ransomware attacked all computers running Windows and protected by McAfee antivirus. They made these computers go offline. Fortunately, The Colorado Department of Transportation has data backups in place before the attack so they couldn’t bargain with them. Ransomware is malware that can encrypt the data and make the data inaccessible until you meet the demand of Attackers. Here CDOT SamSam was behind the attack.SamSam belongs to the family of Ransomware known for targeting the health care industry.SamSam hit the headline in 2018 when it attacked Hancock Regional Hospital’s network. The Hospital paid 55k USD. It is the reminder to the entire health care system to be aware

I would like to discuss some tips which can be followed to be safe. You can put someone in charge. To take care of all the privacy policies, to provide proper training to the employees regarding security measures. Taking responsibility to check whether in all system privacy policy and security are met. Always keep Health Information safe and secure. Your dental practice should have a proper policy, implement them, and train your staff accordingly. Try not to access the patient information outside the practices. Always limit employee’s access to the patient list. The patient list should always be kept confidential. The patient list is valuable to any dental practice.  They are the actual asset for the success of any dental practice. Use updated antivirus software. Always keep your system updated to avoid Ransomware attacks.

 Security of Data becomes more vulnerable these days. Security is one of the major headaches for organizations. Cyber Security platforms need to screen many layers of Cyber Security such as cloud-based programs, devices that interconnected, the wi-fi connections which connected with your patients. A simple mishandling of staff may lead to a great data breach.


Firewall protection which may help you to reduce malicious emails

Remote monitoring system

A good IT Solution Partner who can help you to satisfy your unique needs.

24-hour security and maintenance.

When you are starting to follow these you are attaining peace full mind with no tensions regarding your data. In total Colorado, the Ransomware attack reminds all the organizations to be aware and maintain proper IT security. The dentist should take proper measures to avoid the unauthorized use of patient data. I hope this article gave you an idea about the security issues the dentist is facing now. Be Alert And Be Safe!!!

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